This Dying Soul - Dream Theater

This Dying Soul - Dream Theater
Lirik Lagu Dream Theater ; This Dying Soul 

Hello, mirror so glad to see you my friend, its been awhile
This Dying Soul - Dream Theater
Searching, fearless where do I begin to heal
This wound of self – denial?

Face your self man
Brace yourself and trace your hell back

You’ve been finded living life a one-way
Cold existence all the while
Now its time to stare the problem right
Between the eyes you long lost child

I wanna feel your body breaking
Wanna feel your body breaking and shaking
And left in the cold
I want to hear your conscience making a change to fix this dying soul.

Born into this world a broken home
Surrounded by love yet all alone.
Forced into a life that’s split in two
A mother and a father both bulling you

Then you had to deal with loss and death.
Everybody thinking they know best
Coping with this shit at such an age
Can only feel a kid with pain and rage.

Family disease pumped through your blood.
Never had the chance you thought you could
Running all the while with no escape.
Turning all the pain into blame and hate.

Living on your own by twenty one
Not a single rare and having fun
Consuming at the life in front of you.
Burning out the fuse and smoking the residue.

Possessive obsessions
Selfish childish games.
Vengeful resentment
Passing all the blame.

Living out a life of decadence
Acting without thought of consequencee
Spreading all your lies from coast to coast.
While spitting on the one’s that matter most.

Running power mad with no control
Fighting for the credit they once stole.
No one can ever tell you what to do.
Rulling other’s lives while they van’t stand the thought of you.

A living refflection seen from miles away
A hopeless affictiion having run astray.

I wanna feel your body breaking
Wanna feel your body breaking and shaking
And left in the cold
I want to hear your conscience making a change to fix this dying soul

Now that you can see all you have done
It’s time to take that step into the kingdom
All your sins will only make you strong
And help you break right through the prison wall

Come to me my friend {listen to me}
I’ll help this torture end {help to set me free}
Let your ego go {I can’t carry this load}
You can’t go though this alone {I feel so hopeless and expossed}

You’ll find your peace of mind {give me some direction}
You can no longer hide {break out of this isolation}
Let humility {openess, honesty}
And become what you can be {a healing tranquility}

Help me...
Save me...
Heal me...
I can’t break out of this prison all alone

These tormenting ghosts of yesterday
Will vanish when exposed
You can’t hold onto your secrets.
They’ll only send you back alone.

Your fearless admissions.
Will help expel your destructive obsessions.
With my help I know you can.
Be at one with god and win

Hear me...
Believe me...
Take me...
I’m ready to break right through this prison wall.

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