Circle of Hypocrisy – Napalm Death

Lirik lagu Napalm Death: Circle Of Hypocrisy

Circle Of Hypocrisy – Napalm Death
Talk of unity
A far from the slander and rivalry
Way should we encourage what in fact is a circle of hypocrisy

Impulsive jealousy
Where’s the so called harmony?
Internally untrusting
Externally inspiring.

Assume your place above the rest
The weises of the less
The knowledge you’ll never possess.
Compesated for with single mindedness.

Bored with life you turnn to text.
Battleground for pattiness
Pick at fties to justify
Temper’s raised, you wonder why?


Supposedly accessible 
Come support our scene 
Just another target 
Harassed to the extreme.

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